So I like food so much so I decided to allow my adventurous personality to take over.
I am only sixteen, so whenever I say I like to travel, it’s not really what other people think it is. Like going to another country or staying for a day or two in provinces, going hiking– no. It’s just going to another city and making sure I can go home alive before dinner at eight.

Thank you Merriam Webster app. 

Also the fact that I can’t have a job yet, limits my “traveling” since I have to spend the money that my parents gave wisely. If I make one mistake everything is now a flop.

I rather go hungry than beg for extra money to go home. 

Underage traveling might sound fun but it’s not. You can’t go “YOLO” (i am sorry for using that) anytime you want. If you messed up then that’s it, that’s the last time you’ll ever be outside. 

Unless you are one of those people who actually don’t want to go outside and your mum is forcing you to. Now you have a plan. Yay! 

In the future I will share my “traveling” experiences and best or worse restaurants I’ve been. Of course only here in Metro Manila, Philippines. 

That’s all for this page. 

Much Love.


What’s the difference between “traveling” and “travelling”?


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