My Sweetea Cup 

I always choose a cafe or restaurant that takes bout two public utility jeep (PUJ) and 2-3 stops in the train to get to. 

However this week, I chose not to. 

About the first week of November, I was running a school related errand, since the second semester was about to start, and my father also suggested that I should get a new pair of earrings.

 So about 11:30 I left my house, my goal 10am is obviously a fail because kilay (eyebrows) are much more important, it’s a one hour ride to get to my school and so I very much thankful to the person who invented earphones. 

When I got there, it only took me about ten minutes to get my registration card, which contains the information about my classes, easy breezy right? Wrong. 

Everything was fine but I need to accomplish another goal, that is to buy a new pair of earrings, which is in the other side of the town meaning I have to take a different route. The thing is PUJs that go to that specific route takes more than half an hour before it is truly available. 

My school is located in the mid-high part of the mountain and usually the route of the PUJ I needed ends no where near to my school. This is the reason why I have to wait so long. 

And of course mother nature is ever so kind that she gave us scorching afternoon. Just compare the time I actually use for the real reason I go out versus the time I use to commute. Did I mention I didn’t had any food?

So for about an hour or so, I stand by the edge of the road with the scorching sun, I finally got on to a ride. This is also the time I give my whole attention on my phone using all my mobile data. 

~ Fast Forward ~

I finally arrive at My Sweetea Cup, although honestly I was really craving for a Burger Stake or a doughnut but I looked at this café and thought ”Hey this is new, why not?” 

I ordered one of their best sellers, Wintermellon accompanied with some barbeque flavored fries. The theme of the place is like someone’s bed room since they had this double deck that I think used to be filled with beds but replaced with tables and comfy pillows, also the stairs can be use as shoe drawer if you want in the top bank. 

Sadly both of the pairs where pack so I have to seat in like a living room scene, still cute. It’s really comfortable honestly, I wonder if somebody fell asleep there, I wouldn’t be surprised.

I went there for a second time with a friend. I ordered Dark Chocolate Mint Tea with Coffee Jelly sinkets and Nachos, while my friend ordered Strawberry Mango Milk Tea accompanied with Strawberry Waffles. 

I had sip of my friend’s drink, a bit sour for my taste however all was forgiven with those waffles, slightly brown but overall– good. 

It took a risk for my drink honestly, since I never what it trully taste, I mean I like mint on a candy or on an ice cream but on a drink? No. 

However I enjoy it, a bit shocking at first but you can’t resist it when you start. The nachos was good too, the chip is not too salty, the cheese was good, the veggies were amazing! 
I mean it has this Filipino taste? I don’t know how would that sentence project to you other foreign countries but it’s just feels so fresh, a little salty, which makes all the flavor balance. 

Definitely had my seal for good food. Can’t wait to go back again. 🙂


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