Uhm… So… 

Sorry for not posting that much. However I noticed that my creativity nerve is always awaked in the bathroom.

Well I hope that sentence doesn’t seem to be something sexual. 

So I thought hey, why not make this a thing for my blog? Since my mind is always full of random crap aye… some might consider this as a good crap okay uhm… 

I might need a title for this “series” and my first thing I thought of is “Toiletries” I mean it’s like the combination of toilet, where I always get an idea, and stories, which I made up based from that idea. 

Okay, for things to be clear, I know that these stories in the future will be longer than anyone’s patience, so before you say anything, again I get the idea in the bathroom then make the story. 

Not make the story while in the bath, well actually it depends if the idea came while I am taking a bath or just peeing and stuff, so… . 

Anyway, that’s all for me today. Hope you all have a better day than expected. 

Much love, 



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