Toiletries No. 1


I hate labeling.

When say I hate labels I meant like on a person, not the ones like in food and etc.

You see if you say what I am there is a huge percent that I will deny it. Because labeling to me is like giving a responsibility that I should maintain this particular title you gave me. Like a mom having kids.

Also I don’t see myself like I belong to a particular group. For example, I just got involve with a group of girls, and they happen to be bonding a lot (which is the reason why the group  started) so me being a “newbie” I am really careful on my actions.

And whenever someone say “Tropa mo naman sila ah ‘bat ka nahihiya?” Translation: they’re your squad why aren’t you comfortable around them?

I just smile. I am not really part of the group, I mean I am but still the difference is there.

Another example, in my junior year– grade 10, till my senior year, grade 11–

yes grade 10 is still in junior high here in the Philippines if your confused about this I will make a blog about that too in the future 

I was known as a good public speaker because I was very fluent in English and I don’t mean to brag but I can make a back to back three pages of essay in less that forty five minutes, and also tend to use deep words. So everyone is like “wOAH” and we have an English only policy  nobody talks to me in our Oral Communication subject because it offends them on how good I am. ??

But here’s the truth I am not that good as everyone thinks I am.

I make typographical and grammatical mistakes. And I am sure the grammar police is hunting for me right now.

I joined a extracurricular activity which is Journalism in English, I admit I enjoy it a lot and it really helped me to not be biased in every situation, because I am a editorial writer back then but I almost used all of 80 leaves intermediate paper because our club adviser keep telling me to rewrite because of my common mistakes. By the way if you’re reading this Ma’am I miss you and thank you for everything.

And I know editorial writing doesn’t have to use “fancy” language see! I don’t evem know the right term! but still, the quality dude.

So yeah. No.

You: But what are you then?

Okay this is so cliché but I am just me. I mean, I don’t really fit in but isn’t that what we are made to do anyways? To stand out.



Check out that fence! Okay uh…. 

Thank you so much for reading hopefully some of you can relate so we can team up and share our hatred in labeling a person.

If you are new, about this Toiletries category I have, I will put a link below about this when I finally get to use the laptop since I am uploading through my phone , until next time.


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