Christmas Break


Isn’t just amazing on how just the time stop within the last two weeks of December and the first three days of January? It’s like the world doesn’t give a care and let’s everyone do their thing. 

I didn’t felt the Christmas energy again this year but I did enjoy spending it with my family. My uncle just got a three week break from his work abroad, he requested to go to a resort for a swim. 

My mom booked the place when we settled what date we are all available and the tasks. 

The last day of school for 2016 was ended with a Christmas party. I didn’t enjoy that much to be honest, I mean I do had fun with my friends but what I am saying is that I am not a very participative person so I just let things flow.

The heat is just the worst, the school didn’t let us use the air conditioning even if it’s just a few hours, and the windows are shut closed and taped with paper for some decorations. We ate Menudo though. Everything was alright. 

It was the night before the swimming day. My dad asked my mom to confirm the resort. And ta’da! It wasn’t available. 

That urge to say the name of the resort. It’s not that I want to humiliate them, but I am triggered to.  

… Anyway…! 

They said we can’t use the pool because the water is in a bad condition. We either cancel it or reschedule. 

First of all… 


They could inform us earlier within the day at least. Imagine if we didn’t call that night, we just went there by the morning ready to swim, bringing potlucks and just be greeted with “Oh hello? Sorry uhm. Pools not available, so…–” I could imagine the fight with the family and the owner. 

I grew up where our tongues can kill nations and the fact that almost all of my relatives in my father side was there, the owner can be terminated in a snap. 

But of course, thankfully that didn’t happened we just look for another one, panicking. However that was disappointing as a costumer. 

Luckily we did found one but oh. my. gosh. 



Sorry for not posting that much.

Share your thoughts/suggestions by a few clicks on the menu. 

Anyways hope your enjoying whatever your celebrating, wherever you are, drinking and eating delicious food, happy holidays.

Much love,



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