My 2017 So Far: Error 404

Hello people from the World Wide Web or  Webies.

everybody just left. 

Anyway, it’s too late for me to greet you a happy new year but I hope you’re having a blast since it started. For me well…– uhm. It is one of those moments again where I just forget what happened whether it’s good or bad I just forget it. I mean not really.

But what I mean it is like– when you find something and you just don’t know where to put it and you just randomly placed it on the “random drawer”– it sort of like that. I will experience this but my brain just doesn’t want to work at that moment so I goes to some storage; what I find inconvenient about this, is that whenever people asked me– for example in essays and the teacher asks us to write about “what we did last summer” I instantly went blank. However when it’s that time where nobody asks me, I went on a full-on rampage with my story telling, in which the result I feel like I am lying or I just became Lola Basyang but with no sense and can’t speak in fluent Tagalog. And it’s not just about vacations or events, it can also happen with school discussions. One moment I am failing my recitation next month after that I am pre-discussing the creation of the universe and it’s atom. As if it’s possible but I hope you get the point.

According to my resources aka Google, this type of memory loss is normal and it’s called “Fading Away” and according to (link below):

The brain is always sweeping out older memories to make room for new ones. The more time that passes between an experience and when you want to recall it, the more likely you are to have forgotten much of it. So while it is typically fairly easy to remember what you did over the past several hours, recalling the same events and activities a month, or a year, later is considerably more difficult. This basic “use-it-or-lose-it” feature of memory known as transience is normal at all ages, not just among older adults.

So it’s perfectly normal. Yay.


It’s been awhile isn’t it?

If you ever had this kind of experience you can comment it or message me about how is it going for you, as you experience this.

I will not make a promise but there would be more topics coming up.

Twitter: @waytospellbelle

Here’s the link:


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