My First Concert Experience

I haven’t told you guys about this before but yes I am a fan of One Direction, and in honor of the two year anniversary of On The Road Again Manila here’s my experience.

It was only nine in the morning when I woke up and also when I found out that people are already starting to form a line outside the gates. I was full-on rage of panic when I just woke up I don’t know what to do thinking why people are already there when the gates doesn’t open until seven in the evening. But still we also went there at least five hours early. Could have been earlier but you know, typical Filipino time and traffic.

The thing is this is also my first time going to SM Mall of Asia aka the concert venue and I have zero idea where exactly is this concert ground. So the taxi we booked just turns into some carousel as the driver keeps on driving in circles around the mall. And I am not kidding when I say this mall is huge. It has it’s own amusement park by the bay, an outside mall inside an inside mall, it even has it’s own freaking globe. And what’s so cute about this when I finally got there by myself I saw a golden anchor sculpture, he he he. 
found this on google/images

Look I posted the picture of to show you guys how huge it is but that’s not even the half of it. So anyway, I was already in line and this is one of those moments where you’re excited and really anxious about what’s happening, so hearing rumors is not the good thing to do. I have no idea what the freak I am doing as we where standing in the line. My mom asked if I have my I.D with me and I said no, “You need to have an I.D because you’re underage or you can’t get in” and my soul just went “bye homie!”.

I DIDN’T KNOW YOU NEED TO BRING I.D WHAT IS THIS AM I ENTERING A STRIP CLUB? I wish though– kidding! But imagine this, you’ve been waiting to at least share the same are as they do and now only a few hours away till that happens, as you stand in the scorching heat of the sun for four hours only to find out that you can’t go in because you forgot to bring a small plastic that has your face since the seventh grade with the only information it has is your name.  I was about to flip the freak out but my mom asked a crew that was standing by the line of fans, “Excuse me, my daughter forgot her I.D but do you think she could still get in?” so he looked at me and my older sister, “Yeah I mean she has a guardian anyways.”

He said that while pointing at me when he said “guardian”. Now I don’t know what I should feel but screw that guy at least I know I could still get in. I mean it’s not like I felt insecure because I was fat so I look older– nope not like that at all.

So fast forward, we are already inside and as expected there already fans screaming, crying and just hugging out while I stand in the middle of the sea of people awkwardly because I just can’t do those thing’s in front of my sister. But the thing is it’s so crowded and full of emotions happening at the same time, whenever the stage lights up, at least five girls faint, and they tested the lights for like twenty times.

I forgot who was the DJ as an opening act but he was good. So. There it is we started with the countdown and the opening video was now playing on the screen and everybody was just screaming and crying and jumping… it was crazy. As we continue to loose everything– particularly our sanity– people in front started to form a freaking wall of their back. You see this wasn’t on like an arena, it was on the concert grounds, and only the first five teams get chairs and so they freaking use the chair so they can see better and of course the others did the same thing what was annoying is that in our team we don’t have any chair or what so ever so we paid good money to see sweaty backs of fans.

However thanks to the one only curly angel bean Harry, he actually announced for those little chums to get their asses down. Because one it is unfair, two it’s dangerous are you kidding me, one’s that chair breaks you’ll be stepped on by thousands of people. Then we continued having fun and everything was just beautiful.

One thing though, this is the first time that they performed without Zayn. And like other fans I was sad because I was really looking forward to hear his voice live but hey it’s his decision and we respect that. And also, at this month of March summer is already knocking on the door here in Philippines so as we were having fun some of the guards use like a shower thing but for plants and he just…made… us… wet… all through out…– bye!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Another post since yesterday, what…?!

Well I just feel like sharing and speaking of sharing feel free to tell me your first concert experience by the comments or message me in the following social media sites by clicking on the top.

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ps. I am not kidding with about how many people where there:


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