The Plant Project

If you ever get the chance to visit my Instagram account, I just recently started to post about nature aesthetic—sort of. But the thing is I really find the formation of the branches under the tree really pleasing. There’s just something relaxing with about it. I mean it is weird but at the same time it is just so beautiful—like a fan art. Uhm.

It is also distracting how beautiful how the earth is, we just finished our last test for this year and the view from where I was sitting, which is right next to a window is calming at the same time a distraction as a day dreamer. And I know nothing that much changed but I have taken three photos for three days at the same view.

Okay maybe I took too much picture.

On the other hand, I don’t have a green thumb or an even an actual one—joke—but honestly though, I can’t grow or take care even the lowest maintenance needed plant.

I was in third grade when we have this class about being a good housemate I don’t know I forgot what is called, so basically we were thru learning how to stitch, do laundry, clean rooms, fold table napkins and stuff but what will make a home more relaxing? Plants! And keep in mind I already feel depress at this age because I keep failing consecutively, and how bad I am with plants.

At that moment in my head I really went “END ME NOW” I mean I already see the project useless because I know I will fail the crap out of that project and the fact that it is a “requirement” and I have nothing to do but actually bring one, will just be a proof in front of everybody in the class how terrible I am.

Ugh. I understand the point of plants but what I don’t understand why is has to be so important; it was literally what’s standing between me and the fourth grade. No really there’s like a house plant every after post then there was a plant at the shared post of our room and the fourth graders. Why is it a requirement?! It’s not my fault our janitor doesn’t want to plant anymore in the school, due to small loud dribbling monsters keep on stepping on it!

I did try to plant a monggo seed, which they say “easy to grow” “grows fast” “doesn’t die easily” … LIES.

I set up my plant by the window of our room for sunlight and I watered it regularly, and I felt really confident because it’s starting have little sprouts. But then it rained, and I didn’t mind it because rain is good for plants right? But you know what happened?


So, I told my mom and she suggested that we should by one instead. We live by the river side and in the animal trail where bunch of animals seems like going to the direction to our street there where farmers. As we were walking I still sad and also guilty because this is cheating but I don’t have any options—but anyway remember how that dreadful rain ruined my plant? While we were walking it was freaking sunny! As if we are just standing with the freaking sun right next to us.

It was submission day and I brought the plant that we bought from a farmer, and as my name was called and I showed it to my teacher, she looked at me with full disappointment in her eyes. To make it worse she even tried to have a conversation with me, “Wow… it they just grew up so fast huh?” she said ironically “y-yeah”. I don’t even know why this woman thinks I am trying super hard to cover up my cheating mistake? I mean it’s obvious that I bought it! What was she trying to point out? Well excuse me ma’am little did you know it took me weeks before I forgot about that plan I actually took care of.

And until now I am still sniffs recovering from the loss of jimmy.

I got a C plus though.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Ah yes, failing in life.

If you ever had an projects like taking care of something, how was it for you? Comment down or let me know by messaging me, just click what social networking site you are most comfortable with on the top.

’till next time.



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