Now I have probably told you guys about this in the last blog but for those of you who don’t know… I don’t have dreams. *insert a very intense music effect*

I don’t mean it like aspirations or goals etc, what I mean is like when I go to sleep it’s all… blank. Like literally. I am aware of this it’s like I just closed my eyes and when I open them ta’da it’s morning! More of ta’da it’s 1 pm but you get the point. 

However recently I have been getting weird dreams. Which since I am not used to getting one, I often woke up and just stare at the void looking confused. And today, I would like to share two of those weird dreams.

Dream 1:

It was a very hot day in the city, as it is currently summer, and for some reason, I need to take a summer class. In which I don’t understand because I am very confident that I got an okay grade, and so I was very grumpy during the class. I didn’t talk to anyone, I sit by the side where the chair is right next to a cold wall where I rest my head. aka me in irl tbh. But somehow this professor is like very intimidating– kind of like what you felt about Snape for the earlier books– something like that.

Now, it’s weird because my dream had a fast forward moment– I’m not making this up, it’s like “Okay we’re in this situation now” kind of thing. Anyway, I hated this professor so when we had our recess– I ran straight through the gate because I hated there so much. And of course, they were chasing me and all…– and for me to stop them, my plan was to like “I hate running so I’ll surrender but don’t touch me” but as soon as I reach my hand there was huge light coming from my hand which made the guards and the professor stumble. In this dream, I was so shocked that I decided to run.

What made this dream weird besides the hand voltage thing, is when I was running I notice that something was wrong as I was running, and when I looked down at my feet, I have an octopus leg– all eight if them looking exactly like an octopus leg. Then I woke up.

wot? I know right?

Hahaha, like first of all I would understand the light from the hand thing because I have been catching up with Encantadia recently, which is a tv show where (mostly) enchantresses have gems that give them powers and all that. Good show, jolly good show. If you get that phrase let’s follow each other in any form of social media and be friends. But what I don’t understand is the octopus legs! Like where did come from brain?! Imagine you’re just having a nice jog, trying to be fit, then all of a sudden you have enabled your octopus mode on. Like… what?

Now, this second dream is uh… not really as weird as the first one but uh… it’s… making me feel something. Haha. It’s not that weird but uh… anyway you find out the feeling.

Dream 2:

I was in Japan or Korea– do Korea have cherry blossoms? I’m sorry hahaha– so let’s just say Japan. 

I was with Dan and Phil–yes the two freakishly tall British guys on Youtube who has cat whiskers as branding rip. 2012-2017 London Apartment and danisnotonfire– and Pj the kickthepj just having a stroll and all that since we all friend because I think… I was finally a Youtuber on this dream. Anyway! So I was “currently in a relationship” with my crush in this dream tbh I was having feels as I wrote that sentence– I’m still praying for him to the Lord hehe and I texted him since I was in abroad so… I was like “Goodmorning :)” but didn’t get a reply.

Another mind skip.

I was finally back here at home. It was raining and somewhat my “boyfriend” *insert feels* was waiting for me outside because we are supposed to be going out and I was still putting my shoes and this man just left me. And I was like “Awright” like how Ms. Alyssa Edwards would say it. Again if you get that let’s be friends.

Another mind skip. I could say I woke up because it was 6 am but that doesn’t because I was still so… sleepy and I woke up probably because I was having the worse toothache of all time and I took my medicine and went back to sleep.

Now this dream part 2. I was dating a different guy, who was my old classmate that I didn’t even have an interest with or like became friends with. Which only means I was cheating my “boyfriend” with another guy, why? And I texted him like, “I’m here at the mall just walking around” and he was like “Why didn’t you told me–” blah blah.

This is where I decided to wake up because I am not taking it that I am cheating my boyfriend even if in was only a dream. Technically he’s not your boyfriend or– I DON’T CARE JANICE ALRIGHT YOU GET THE POINT.

But first of all: why?
Second: why?

I mean he’s my “””boyfriend””” why would I cheat on him just because I did not get a reply or he left me. I mean there’s a lot of reasons besides there were a lot of cuts, so I’ll never know. But… why?

If you have theories let me know in the comments.

So there’s that. I have no idea why or how but, I hope I don’t get weird dreams anymore.

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Thank you, ’till next time.



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