Short Story: Wildfire Doesn’t Always Mean Anger

I know people get annoyed by this but yes, I am a hopeless romantic kind of gal. I love people who have no chance of loving me back. Does that hurt? Yes, a lot but do I want to quit? Never. I believe that if you love someone you should not give up that easy unless they give it to you clear that you need to stop pursuing them.

The other downside of this is that people think I am so lonely or desperate. I have my family complete in our good home. I have friends and a great job but I just can’t find someone whom I can build my own home with. Even though I keep changing people to pursue to be my lover that doesn’t mean I am not longing for a long term relationship. I am very eager actually but most of the time, people don’t appreciate that.

I don’t just sleep with someone and call it a night. No. I mean I go to sleep with someone and waking up with the same person every day.

What made the world change the concept of love?

I ask myself the same question.  Or maybe it’s just something to do with me. Maybe I am not meant to be loved like I dream to be. Maybe I am just too clingy. Maybe I am not really a “wife” material.


Maybe it’s not right that I am the one pursuing. But who says I shouldn’t?

I can wait.

Can I?

But ’till when?



How worth it is that person I am waiting for this long?

Why can’t I find this person now?

Have I found it yet some what I am just entertaining its existence?

But who?

– C.C


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