The Erubescent Ingénue

Erubescent a latin word meaning reddening or blushing.
Ingénue noun meaning a naive young woman. 

I have been told that I am too young.

Though I choose to be unfettered and unbothered.

I am too strong to be held back by today’s society and its’ standards.

I am full of color!

I know who I am and I am not afraid to show it.

People to me are not disgusting. They’re the devils of my kingdom.

Standards are my enemy.

Family, let me be.

But if there would be something to tame me. That would be my sooner lover to be.

I would give gold if I want to.

I will sacrifice blood if I need to.

I will lose pride.

I will strip off every piece of me.

I am not stupid.

I am in need of love.

And finally, I have found it.


I can’t tell you what’s wrong and what is right.

But I am warning you that you’ve said it yourself, anyone can be your demons.

Are you sure that, that person is not just a devil in disguise?

You’re too young to be free and to understand

Rules are not there to bind you but protect you.

Show your color with dignity.

Strip off your pride and be clothed with compassion and kindness.

Give without thinking that you’ll be getting something back.

Love while knowing what Love really is.

Rebellion is not an answer, it would only cause bigger problems.

Build the world that you’ve dreamt of.

Forgive. Listen. Understand.


Photo: Google Images
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