When it takes Forever

When you think you’re ready, think again.

Are you prepared for the troubles ahead? The possible storms. Traffics.

Do have the right amount of fuel to fly?

How about the possible strong winds?

The large waves that can wipe you out from your boat.

There are many lights that can guide you, but which one is true? It is possible for one light is just a reflection of the real blaze.

Even the unsinkable met irony.

There’s nothing wrong with pausing for the moment. It is better to pause and recheck everything rather than going for a battle with no armor. As strong as you might think of yourself– we all have our own Achilles heel. Focus on the things we rarely give our attention with.

Even if it takes forever. Pause. But don’t stop.

Many people might think you’re giving up, little they do understand is your actually working things out. You don’t have to defend yourself always about pausing. Let them talk, observe. So when you start to Play once again, at least you know where the minefields are.


Choose to live a brave life.

Take the risk and learn. Is that being brave?

Just Trust.

Who do you give your full trust to?


When it takes forever for them to understand, show gratitude. For they’re trying to know you. With you.




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